Thursday, September 30, 2010

Joel Cranston

Today I am going to write a brief note about one of the main characters of my novel THE NEWSTEAD PROJECT.
Introducing: Joel Cranston
       Joel is a sixteen year old overgrown teenager who has never fit in anywhere. When he arrives at Newstead and sees dozens of other six foot something teenagers he thinks he has finally found the place he belongs.  Until he sees that their differences far outway their similarities. Its true, size is not everything. 
        In developing my Joel character I did an indepth study of two Davids, My husband of almost fifteen years and the original, King David. I wanted Joel to be similar to my husband in that Joel is secure in who he is, a witty sense of humor and has very strong morals. With concerns to King David I wanted Joel to be creative (writing poetry), loyal, and able to induce strong emotional responses in others. You either love him or you hate him. There is no middle ground. 
       Joel's character evolves as he meets other main characters, never changing from who he is.  He just becomes more of who he already was.