Monday, April 3, 2017

Kickstarter: Day 3

Day 3


Today marks the first day of this venture where work and everyday life is taking its toll. Like most of you, I have a regular job, so I when I decided to do this, I knew Monday through Friday posting would be tough. But here it is.

Have any of you considered Kickstarter before? I know of some people who have used it for pre-release book promotion with reasonable success. The reason why I chose to use this particular platform is because I loved the indie feel of it. I loved how passionate other people seemed to be about the projects they support, and I’d love to get some of that passion in play for Ubooks.  Passion is always good.

Until tomorrow.


P.S.  I’ll be counting down over the next 18 days, offering some exclusive items, like original storyboards by Gail DiCarlo and T-shirts, cinch sacks, and bumper stickers. But I’ll be offering additional items here, for you, my loyal blogging friends. Including:
*$100.00 Amazon gift card:

**The cover storyboard for Garden House:
***Personalized dogtags
To qualify, share this link: to your blog/facebook/twitter. Then post the link on this blog in the comments or email the link to: There is no limit to how many ways or times you can share, but please forward the link, so it can qualify for the official drawing at 12 midnight on the twenty-first.
*For this option to be available, 100 entries must be entered.
**For this option to be available, 100 entries must be entered. Valid for US residents only.
***Valid for US residents only.