Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Indie Life

Second Wednesday Each Month
Today is the second Wednesday of the month, which makes it Indie time. To me, Indie means all things unique and different. Want to publish only ebooks? Fine. Want your novels to be under 30,000 words? No problem. Want your chapters to all be a single page (I silently raise my hand)? Go for it. But that’s just formatting, nuts and bolts type of things. The spirit of Indie goes way beyond that. Who says a book has to be a book at all? Why can’t it be a Youtube video? People have that app on their devices same as they have Nook or Kindle. Truly, in this age there are no rules. In the spirit of that, I’m announcing that a short story of mine will be released on Youtube in January, storytelling style. I’ll be posting more details as the time gets closer.

Indie means the freedom to be creative. And when you’re basking in that, great things can happen.