Monday, December 27, 2010


THE KID, part 1
By Melanie Schulz

The door slammed as Seth came home, quickly running up the stairs to head straight to his room.  He had considered going into the house quietly, to not draw attention to himself, but decided against it. It was so unlike his normal entrance that it would have done just the opposite, which was  something he wanted to avoid at all costs;  at least until he got this thing figured out.
It all began earlier that day in the most benign of settings; gym.
Usually he enjoyed gym, not that he was athletic or anything, far from it actually.  He just enjoyed hanging out with his friends, making fun of people who were even clumsier than himself.
In short, Seth was A BULLY.
He had not always been one, but in recent years, he found he attracted a lot more admiration being a bully than what he actually was; the nearsighted, overweight, middle-child of the high school janitor.
But over the years acting the part had made him become what he once only pretended to be.  By that point, midway through his senior year, he was well on his way to becoming a sociopath.
He had been making fun of this ONE KID; the enlarging group gathering around to observe all of the fun, grateful that today it was not them that Seth had chosen to humiliate. Seth never got physical; thankfully it had never come to that, then people would have realized that he had nothing to back up his threats.
But THIS KID was different from all the rest, or maybe other forces were at work. Whichever it was, by the end of gym class that day, Seth was no longer a bully; in fact, Seth was no longer anything of the sort.