Newstead Trilogy

THE NEWSTEAD PROJECT- May 1, 2013 from Black and White Publishing Co.

the giant.  

Joel Cranston’s life is relatively normal. Until he finds out he shouldn’t exist. 

the school. 

Newstead is a private high school tucked away in the Green Mountains of Vermont. It’s a great place to hide a few hundred people who shouldn’t exist while they train them to be tomorrow’s rulers, tomorrow’s dictators, tomorrow’s gods.

the unexpected.  

Rachel Newell thinks she’s just passing through. She never stays anyplace more than four months, and with Newstead so close to Weston, she has even more reason to make this her shortest stop ever. She never expects to have a reason to stay.

Together Rachel and Joel uncover the truth behind what is THE NEWSTEAD PROJECT

THE BASHAN AGENDA – November 2013 from Black and White Publishing Co.



the lake.

Escape? Solace? For Rachel it is none of these. She forgot they can be anywhere.

the hills.
Deep in the hills of Kentucky Joel continues his training. It’s a good place to forget what you’re training for. 
the road.

For Joel the road leads to Bashan, always has. Rachel’s does, too. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Don’t miss the finale…